Saturday, 1 April 2017

Using the track again

Stuart visited today so we had a morning of slot car racing, including the first race with the Mazda 787B that I personalised for him a couple of years ago.  I had my own Mazda in a stealthy matt black but it was beaten to the podium by Stuart's car.

Unusually no major damage to report.  A couple of lights to glue back on a pair of the BMW 2002 saloon cars.  We did roll the 4x4s quite a lot though...

Must do some more racing now it's warmer in the loft!

The final camera car?

I've been hunting for this car at a good price for a long while.

It's a very limited edition Ford GT40 from Fly representing one of the camera cars used in Steve McQueen's movie "Le Mans".

The car had it's roof chopped and cameras were mounted in a variety of positions for filming the racing in the movie.

The presentation box comes with a booklet and a DVD with three features about "Le Mans".

This car was only available to those who had bought all five of the other cars in this set and collected the tokens needed.  The five sets were:

  • Porsche 911S Targa Florio 1972/DVD 'The Speed Merchants' (Fly 99020)
  • Porsche 908/2 Jarama 6hr 1970/DVD 'Jo Siffert Live fast die young' (Fly 99035)
  • Porsche 917K Buenos Aires 1000k 1971/DVD 'Las temporadas Argentinas' (Fly 99036)
  • Porsche 911RSR Targa Florio 1973/DVD '100 Anni di Targa Florio' (Fly 99037)
  • Ford GT40 24Hrs Daytona 1967/DVD 'The GT40 Story' (Fly 99038)
I have the first of these as it is another car mounted with a camera, and was also the last slot car I bought, almost two years ago (I definitely prefer to make my own these days).  

I believe I now have each of the four commercially available slot cars with film cameras mounted on them.  The other two are also cars used to film "Le Mans": the Porsche 917 and Porsche 908.  The four together make a nice collection and are out on display - I don't think the cameras would last long being raced on my circuit.

Final photo features Steve McQueen and the GT40 camera car:

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Swindon Swapmeet

A belated write-up of the annual swapmeet at Swindon that Andy and I visited last month.  We didn't have a table this year, given the success of selling our unwanted cars over the last few years.

The highlight was a new set of 1/32 buildings from Magnetic Racing.  Fortunately, I don't have any space left on my layout or else I could have spent quite a lot, but Andy bought a building and gave them lots of advice on what he wanted them to design next!

In the end I only spent a few quid with the bargain of the show being a box of figures and accessories for £3 which included a vintage tyre rack.

Friday, 21 October 2016

The Race

Just came across the most awesome slot car video on YouTube.  Very impressive image and sound editing.  I won't give up though!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Datsun 240Z Monte Carlo

I've just completed an Ocar kit bought off eBay a couple of years ago.  This is a classic Datsun 240Z, modelled on the one driven by R. Aaltonen and J. Todt which came 3rd in the Rallye Monte-Carlo in January 1972.  The original car, pictured below, is maintained in the Nissan Heritage Collection.

The kit comprises resin bodyshell, metal parts for bumpers, lights, decals, plastic interior and windows.  I put it with a PCS chassis, a fast Scalextric motor and some suitable wheels.

The paint and decals went on well although I'm disappointed by the finish after applying the varnish.

This has always been a favourite car since I owned a diecast version as a child.  And the slot car version runs great.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

A summer of racing

I had a few racers on the track over the summer, including Kieron and Lucas back visiting the UK:

Andy and I had a competition where we pitted the MGB, Triumph TR3, and two Jaguar Mk2s against each other.  The winner was the TWR-liveried Jag.

And Stuart and I had a crazy caravan race which we decided to record for posterity:

It didn't always go smoothly:

Or in our other races:

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Morgan 4/4

At last year's Slot Festival, I found a nice Morgan kit - a resin body shell with cast metal pieces for radiator, lights and bumpers.  I used a Pendle chassis with Cartrix wheels, using one of the wheels that came with the kit as the spare on the rear of the car.  The other additions were a driver and a piece of plastic for the windscreen.

After priming with grey, I painted the TR3 in white.